Some years back an article in the Chicago Tribune discussed whether it was possible for an average person to arrange a private movie screening. The Lake Street Screening Room was mentioned in that article so here is further information for those who may be interested.

Please understand that we are a provider of screening services only. We are just a facility and we cannot supply you with a movie. If you have a movie you may hire our services to screen it.

If you are interested in having a private screening of a new movie currently in theatres unless you happen to have connections in high places at a movie studio who can arrange the use of a print we cannot help you. Just as the article explained you would need to contact a theatre currently playing that film and make arrangements with them. Likely they will ask you to buy out an entire theatre's worth of tickets for some performance or at least enough to exceed what they otherwise might sell to the public. They are already contracted to run the film and will remit the appropriate percentage of the funds to the studio. For a theatre it's basically just a group ticket sales situation and you need not concern yourself further.

If you wish to view an older title on film you can rent prints from companies like Swank Motion Pictures which are in the business of supplying films on behalf of the major studios for non-theatrical use. You may then engage our services or rent a commercial movie theatre.

It is also possible to screen from DVD or Blu-ray Disc. However, please note as this is very important: Such disks as you may already own or purchase include only the right to screen them privately in your own home. Any sort of "public performance" without licensing arrangements having been made would be a violation of copyright law. In our opinion a screening you might have at our facility for family and friends would probably constitute a private use and be ok. But this is strictly a non-professional opinion and you should consult an attorney if you have any questions. If you hire our services you are fully responsible for having proper copyright clearance to screen whatever you ask us to screen and we will decline service if we are not sure that you do. As we said, a DVD for family and friends is probably ok but inviting outsiders is less clear. It is possible to properly license a DVD you bought at the store by obtaining a Public Performance License. Swank (see link above) can probably help you with that as well.


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